Look What You Can Do with Shiplap

Look What You Can Do with Shiplap

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There’s so much you can do with shiplap wall panels when you’re planning to redecorate. It’s a timeless choice and can evoke the feel of a charming farmhouse, a cozy beach cottage or a modern craftsman. Ninth & Vine’s shiplap boards are perfect for adding a clean, contemporary feel to any room in your home. Below, we give you a few tips for decorating with shiplap wall panels.

Shiplap Wall Panels as Wainscoting

Wainscoting has been used as a decorative tool for centuries and is especially common in Great Britain. While styles change, the principals of style remain the same, and one of these is to introduce different textures to provide greater visual interest. This is how wainscoting has withstood the test of time.

You can install wainscoting in any room, but homeowners especially love it in foyers and dining rooms. Oftentimes, wainscoting is topped with molding, which takes on the appearance of a chair rail — hence its common usage in dining rooms.

The one rule you might want to follow with wainscoting is that you should be able to view it fully in order to appreciate its contribution, so adding it to a tiny room or a room with lots of furniture that will cover it up may not be the best choice.

Consider vertical wainscoting in the dining room, entryway or at the top of the stairs. Try horizontal wainscoting in a bedroom, office, living room or basement.

Ninth & Vine sells a wide selection of DIY shiplap wall panels for use as wainscoting, including traditional white and almond in woodgrain or classic finishes.

Shiplap Panels on the Ceiling

To instantly brighten up your space, install shiplap boards on the ceiling. Especially in rooms with slanted ceilings, this technique adds height and dimension.

While you can use any color, white or another light color really helps brighten and expand the space. It’s great in hallways, great rooms and on porches and looks fabulous if you add a ceiling fan or some pendant lighting.

Because Ninth & Vine’s DIY shiplap wall panels come with double sided tape already attached, it’s much easier to install, especially on a ceiling where it is necessary to continually reach over your head. All our wall panels come with peel-and-stick backing for easy installation, but for ceilings, we recommend using extra adhesive or nails just to be safe.

Shiplap panels as an Accent Wall

Many homeowners panel an entire room in shiplap boards, but depending upon the size, purpose and layout of the room, this can be overwhelming.

Doing a whole room in DIY shiplap wall panels works well if it’s a small room such as an office or a baby’s room. Choosing to do a whole room in shiplap boards also works if you have lots of windows or doorways in the room. These help break up the monotony, especially if you choose a dark color for your shiplap boards, such as gray or brown.

Otherwise, if you simply choose to do an accent wall, you have many more choices available to you. Do a wall of narrow gray in your office or bedroom, a wall of cheerful almond in your hallway or kitchen or choose white to brighten up a basement wall with wide horizontal white shiplap. Add shiplap boards to the sidewalls of staircases for an interesting geometrical juxtaposition.

Choose darker colors such as gray for a more modern and contemporary look, or white for a fresh country look.

Ideas for Decorating with Shiplap

We think of shiplap boards as material for building walls, but it can be used for so much more! Make a headboard out of shiplap. You can even cut it into a rounded shape or stagger each board so you have a short piece and then a long piece.

Use shiplap boards in the playroom to mimic the look of a picket fence. Paint bright flowers behind it, or if you’re not an artist, purchase decals of flowers, trees, birds and butterflies.

Put shiplap wall panels over the fireplace mantel to divide and separate the area and add contrast. Hang a picture, a mirror or a television, or add knickknacks to the mantel as you otherwise would.

If you have leftover faux shiplap boards from a project, use it to build shelves for books or tchotchkes.

3D Wave Shiplap Wall Panels

Shiplap is so often full of straight lines and right angles, so at Ninth & Vine, we are excited to offer our 3D Wave shiplap.

This exciting design gives shiplap a whole different demeanor. The long, oval-shaped patterns are reminiscent of waves in the sea — perfect for a beach house, airy summer cottage or cheerful ranch. But you can use 3D Wave shiplap no matter where you live — even if it’s on the prairie! After all, the 3D Wave shiplap brings the ocean to you, wherever you are.

Ninth & Vine Faux Wall Panels

At Ninth & Vine, it’s our mission to bring to our customers the beauty and visual interest of wood, brick and stone wall panels without the cost and the weight. That’s why we manufacture faux wall panels. They’re lightweight, easy to install and much cheaper than actual wood, stone or brick. Our shiplap wall panels deliver the look of stone or wood without any of the hassles that usually go with installing these materials.

If you are at all concerned with your ability to install wall panels, take a look at our directions online and watch our installation videos.

Besides shiplap wall panels, we sell faux brick, reclaimed-wood style panels and a variety of shelves, tables and other furniture that will fit perfectly into your new décor.

Browse all our wall panels and other selections and place your order online today.

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