Bedroom Wall Panels

You can decorate any room in the house with wall panels, but bedrooms are one of the most popular choices. At Ninth & Vine, we have a great selection of designer faux brick, and wood wall panels you can use to bring a bedroom a whole new look.

Bedroom Accent Walls

Accent walls have come a long way since their initial popularity in the early 2000s. The concept of making one wall different from the other three has a solid foundation in design principles. However, as designers know, it is unfortunately not as simple as randomly selecting a wall and painting it a different color. You must select the right wall and choose the right accent material.

In a bedroom, an accent wall is often the wall behind the bed. And while paint is a legitimate design tool, wall panels have a much bigger impact.

When you’re looking to use decorative wall paneling in a bedroom, you must decide what material and color will work best for your purposes. Here at Ninth & Vine, we stock many styles, colors, and textures of wall panels.

Types of Bedroom Wall Panels

As an interior designer or a homeowner, if you’re going for the industrial look, you may want to consider brick wall panels. Use it to achieve an Old World-style charm or an urban industrial look. The best part about faux brick wall paneling, however, is that it’s extremely light. When you install these panels, you get just the look you want without all the hassle. No one will ever know it isn’t real brick.

We stock faux brick wall panels in 3 colors: brownstone, Hampton and white, as well as primed and ready to paint any color you wish. Each color will give you a vastly different look in your home design.

For more of the modern farmhouse style, you may want to go with shiplap wall panels. Classic white shiplap is perfect for a shabby-chic design while gray works well in any modern home. Choose barnwood for a country décor, or distressed paint for a rustic look.

Installing Bedroom Wall Panels

Whichever type and style of wall panels you select, know that installation is a breeze. Check out our   ahead of time to make sure you have the right tools on hand to complete your exciting new project.

Each wall panel is equipped with a strong adhesive strip on the back, but you may choose to affix your paneling to the wall with a nail gun or a good old hammer and nails. Panels fit together easily and snugly.

Bedroom Wall Panels at Ninth & Vine

The design team at Ninth & Vine is here to provide you with the wall panels you love to transform a bedroom — or any room in the home or office — into a stylish retreat. Order your wall panels today!