Kitchen Wall Panels

Kitchens have some great spaces for decorative wall panels. You have so many choices and so much to work with, it can be hard to decide! Plus, the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the home, so whether you’re a homeowner or an interior designer, you will want everyone to enjoy this room’s décor. Ninth & Vine brings you the best selection of designer wall panels for kitchens and every room in the house.

The kitchen is the heart of every home — the room where family members come together to prepare meals and share them. Because they do this most every day, if they don’t like their kitchens, their labor of love turns into an unpleasant chore. You can change that with decorative wall panels.

Types of Kitchen Wall Panels

Because kitchens originated around hearths, brick is extremely popular in this room. If your kitchen was constructed without brick, you can simply install faux brick wall paneling to get that look and feel!

At Ninth & Vine, we carry three colors of faux brick wall panels, brownstone, white and hampton. You’re sure to find something to fit into your design with our collection. If you prefer other colors, we also have faux brick wall panels that are primed and ready to paint.

If you love wood wall panels, use it to make your kitchen look like it belongs in a delightful cottage, a mountain lodge, or the modern farmhouse style. Ninth & Vine sells shiplap and reclaimed wood style wall panels in a variety of colors and textures, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Installing Kitchen Wall Panels

The best part of wall panels from Ninth & Vine is how easy it is to put in. Our paneling can be ordered with a strong adhesive strip on the back, so you can just peel it off and press it into place. Optionally, you can also nail it into place.

Our panels are also easy to trim to whatever size you need. Just take a look at our instructional video. Because our panels are made of MDF, they’re durable and easy to install. If you choose to use our paneling as a backsplash, we recommend covering them with a wood sealer.

Kitchen Wall Panels from Ninth & Vine

So many interior designers and homeowners have chosen to decorate with wall panels from Ninth & Vine because we offer such beautiful options, and our products are so easy to install. Additionally, we also stock furniture, shelving and décor that integrates perfectly with our decorative wall panels.

We want to provide everything you need to transform a home from humdrum to wow! Order your kitchen wall panels today.