Bathroom Wall Panels

Because bathrooms tend to be small — meaning space is limited for nonessential items — it can be difficult to find a way to decorate a bathroom that makes it truly stand out in a visually interesting way. That’s why interior decorators and homeowners so often turn to designer wall panels from Ninth & Vine to achieve the look they’re after.

Accent Wall Panels

Contrast is an important element of design. Without it, we are left with a boring, homogenous space. Bathrooms especially can be uninspiring and commonplace. One easy way to address this issue is with decorative wall panels.

A powder room is the perfect spot for textured wall panels featuring faux brick or wood.

Moisture is not a concern in a powder room, so ceramic tiles are less often part of the décor. This frees you up to decorate the walls any way you wish without concern for whatever is on them now, be it paint or paper.

Because of the small size of a powder room, you can choose to cover all four walls with decorative wall panels instead of creating one accent wall. You can also use our wall panels on just the bottom half of the bathroom walls and top it with trim.

Bathroom Wall Panel Ideas

Shiplap and wood wall panels are not uncommon in either powder rooms or bathrooms. Installed to look like traditional wainscoting on the bottom half of walls, wood panels combined with a wood vanity makes for a stunning powder room or bathroom.

Try our brownstone faux brick wall panels in the bathroom for an urban, industrial feel, or choose white for a clean, modern look.

Bathroom Wall Panel Tips

All our decorative wall panels are designed for interior use because they are made of MDF, which is not waterproof. For this reason, if you are planning to use them in a bathroom that has a shower or tub, you must be careful to install them in an area where they will not be exposed to a direct stream of water.

Further, the moisture from the steam in a bathroom with a tub or shower can damage our wall panels, so we recommend you coat our product in a reliable sealant whenever you install our designer wall paneling in a moist area. See our backsplash installation instructions for more information.

Decorative Wall Panels: Easy & Fun

At Ninth & Vine, we design our wall panels with ease of use in mind. We want interior decorators and homeowners to be able to install our decorative wall panels on their own. This cuts down on the cost of decorating with wall panels and makes it more accessible to more people.

For more information on decorating with wall panels, installation tips or purchasing information, contact Ninth & Vine today. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry.