Decorative Wall Panels: Cheaper Than Tile & Easier to Install

Decorative Wall Panels: Cheaper Than Tile & Easier to Install

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Textured wall panels from Ninth & Vine can transform your most-inhabited living spaces with the rustic warmth of wood and the traditional elegance of brick — without the cost and difficult installation.

Faux brick and wood panels that look like real masonry, shiplap and reclaimed wood are recommended by interior decorators and are taking the DIY world by storm. Decorative wall panels are easier to install than tile and can be waterproofed for use in the kitchen and bath.

Textured wall panels can also be used instead of mosaic tile to create a bold accent wall. Ninth & Vine carries a wide selection of the best-quality, American-made faux brick and wood panels and we will help you with the DIY process from purchase to finishing.

How Material Costs Compare

If you really want a dramatic upgrade with glass or mosaic tiles or loose pebble, these materials can cost as much as $17 per square foot. And the tile itself is just a portion of the cost. Grout, adhesive, a tile cutter, underlayment/backerboard, spacers, a trowel and sanders all have to be added in as well.

Our DIY panels start at $6.04 a square foot. All you need is a cutting tool and adhesive, if you’re not using our peel-and-stick tape option. Imagine the same modern elegance at a fraction of the cost!

How Installation Cost Compares

Most of the cost for a decorative tile upgrade will go into installation. Even using inexpensive peel-and-stick tiles can incur future costs in water damage. Homeowners who try to save money by installing tiles themselves find that it is harder than it looks on HGTV.

The biggest expense is time. Precision requires patience and planning. One miscalculation can mean removing tiles and starting over or hiring a professional to finish the job. National cost for tilers starts at $20 an hour, median $45 and $90 for a high-end project.

Our shiplap boards and wall planks are DIY-ready, backed with two adhesive strips — simply peel off the tape and stick the panel to the wall, or use a high-quality adhesive. Our planks are lightweight and sturdy, with a rich 3D wood texture or cabinet finish.

A 48-inch plank package includes 12 planks, which will cover 23 square feet at a flat rate of $139 per package. Ninth & Vine provides easy-to-follow instructions and videos to lay a seamless pattern. Wall paneling looks as good, lasts as long and cleans easier than traditional tile and grout.

Affordable Luxury and Style

Wood and brick are the inspiration for recognizable styles like Cape Cod, English cottage and modern farmhouse. Create an industrial look with a whitewashed faux brick accent wall, an edgy urban vibe with distressed paint, a crisp Colonial look with sleek lines of shiplap or a rustic homespun aura with barnwood. Our authentic-looking brick wall tiles and wood wall paneling will bring an air of historical restoration to your home without breaking your budget.

Paneling for Bathrooms

Distressed wood and whitewashed brick create a beautiful, fresh look in bathrooms. A cool, ocean-cottage-style blue-stained pine, or clean shiplap in gray, white or almond, can complement any color shower tile or paint.

Using wood panels for dry areas is much less expensive than tile alone. The average cost for homeowners to install tile in an entire bathroom is $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the quality of tile. Consider Ninth & Vine’s shiplap or faux brick wall panels as a less expensive alternative.

Faux Panels in Kitchens

A kitchen is the heart of a home. Brick walls were used traditionally to contain fires for cooking and heating, and they still make kitchens feel solid and welcoming. Expensive historical restoration favors removing layers to get to the original brick (if it is there) or laying brick if it is not. Homeowners may opt for stone tile as the affordable alternative for creating the timeless feel of a country kitchen, but it’s not much cheaper.

The average cost for a tile backsplash is $400 to $600 per 16 square feet, and this estimate does not include labor. High-quality material like loose pebble could reach between $650 and $1,000. Even ceramic could cost homeowners $300 to $400 for the same space.

For the same price, you can transform an entire wall with the smoky, earthy hues of our Brownstone and Hampton Brick panels. They have the texture of real masonry. For a modern look, try our White Brick or Primed (Ready to Paint) options.

Textured Wall Panels from Ninth & Vine

Get the style and sophistication you want in your home for less money with easy-to-install decorative wall panels from Ninth & Vine. We offer free shipping in 48 states and payment plans for our American-made products. Check out our full selection today.

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