Decorating with Wood Wall Panels

Decorating with Wood Wall Panels

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If you’re new to decorating, you may wonder what the best way is to use texture and materials to your advantage. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and sweat equity on a project that turns out to be just “meh” (or worse). The designers at Ninth & Vine have created many different types of decorative wall panels to serve a wide customer base with differing tastes and interests. Today, we’re going to talk about decorating with our reclaimed wood style wall paneling and what it can do for your home or office.

Textured Wall Panels

Wood is considered a warm material, compared to, say, ceramic tile, laminate and other harder building materials. One of the reasons is literal — stone and plastic are usually colder to the touch than wood (hence, “stone cold”). Stone and tile are often used for flooring in hot climates such as Florida, where these cool materials provide welcome relief from the heat. In fact, houses made of wood are often warmer inside than those made of stone or brick.

Ninth and Vine’s wood wall panels will not increase the temperature of your home’s interior — but it will feel warmer. The effect is similar when you add textiles to a room, such as carpeting, drapes, tapestries, etc. These further have the effect of making it feel less cold and more inviting.

Want to give your home a little ingrained warmth? We have some suggestions for you on how to use our reclaimed wood decorative wall panels to achieve the look you want for your home.

The Kitchen

Looking for a change in your kitchen? Try the farmhouse look! Our barnwood or blue stained pine would make a beautiful accent wall in your kitchen.

Part of the beauty of our reclaimed wood style wall paneling is its aged look. The texture isn’t smooth, perfect and nick-free. It appears just as real wood might, with experience that has held up over time. The style is strong and full of character.

To complete your farmhouse look, think about adding a cute hutch (fill it with dishes with floral, gingham or fruit patterns), an adorable teakettle and some delightful kitchen curtains made out of dishtowels. Don’t forget to add a few pieces of rooster décor, or geese wearing bonnets.

Note: Our reclaimed wood paneling is not waterproof, so choose a wall away from the sink area to install your wood planks.

The Bedroom

You can create a number of different styles in the bedroom with reclaimed wood wall paneling. You could follow the farmhouse theme here as well, adding fabric to your headboard and a fussy, frilly dust ruffle to your bed to give the room a flouncy, airy, prairie feel. Put a crocheted throw on the end of the bed or toss on a couple of pillows with lacy, embroidered edges to complete the look.

Using the light gray barnwood wall paneling would allow you to conjure up a beach house vibe, perfect for a summer update to your décor. Switch your linens to all white, hang pictures of ships or shore birds, and fill decorative containers with seashells. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation 24/7 in your new beach-themed bedroom.

The Living Room

Reclaimed wood style wall paneling is extremely versatile in the living room. If you love a rustic, country feel, think of a big comfy couch covered with throw pillows and some fluffy quilts for a truly hygge experience.

Another direction you can take this in is the luxury log cabin/mountain style. Wood is an abundant local resource, so it’s not only good for wood wall paneling, but also for furniture and knickknacks as well. Add some wall hangings or other adornments depicting a mountain theme, such as pine trees and woodland creatures.

Have your eye on the distressed paint style? Convert your décor from Western to a mod downtown look, complete with shabby chic furniture (you don’t have to buy it, just beat yours with chains!), clean lines and bare floors. Your living room will look like the most exclusive boutique in Soho.

Decorating with Reclaimed Wood

Regardless of which rooms you choose to install Ninth and Vine decorative wall panels in, they’ll bring in exciting, sassy overtones the likes of which your home has never seen. Kick it up a notch by mixing in décor made of other materials such as iron, glass or fabric.

If you’re worried about your skills installing DIY wall panels, we want to reassure you that you can do it. Take a look at the instruction page on our site to see how easy it is. When we decided to begin selling our faux panels to the general public, we made certain that any homeowner with a few basic tools could handle the installation process. We want you to be able to transform all your rooms with our decorative wall panels!

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