Unconventional Wall Panel Usage: Ceilings and DIY Home Improvements

Unconventional Wall Panel Usage: Ceilings and DIY Home Improvements

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the unique ways you can utilize wall panels. While bathroom and kitchen uses are the most common and well-known for interior wall panels, there are numerous other less conventional approaches for wall panels, many of which are on the rise in popularity.

At Ninth & Vine, we’re happy to offer a huge range of wall panel options, from faux brick wall panels to various wood or shiplap styles. In addition to traditional uses in common areas, how else do we regularly assist clients with creative uses of wall panels, planks and our other products? Here are several other projects to consider.

Ceiling Uses

While they’re called “wall” panels, this term is in no way a complete limitation on where these panels can actually be used. For instance, many homeowners have begun to utilize wall panels on their ceilings to add a rustic, vintage, or nautical feel.

In many cases, you can use these panels on the ceiling as accents that match other parts of the room’s design. In others, you might use wall panels for the entire ceiling, or you might consider wood paneling on the ceiling to match your floors.

Faux Brick for DIY Accents

One of the most popular uses of our faux brick wall panels is for accent areas in your home. Have an odd column in your basement? Consider adding our authentic-looking faux brick panels make it pop, then dress it up with an LED sign or some fun family photos.

How about that archway in your main hall? Styling it with some faux brick panels will give the passageway a modern urban feel.

Tired of your 70’s stone fireplace? Re-do the outside in faux brick wall panels from Ninth & Vine! Our panels are durable, easy to work with, and can be installed in a flash with our precisely engineered finger joints and adhesive back options.

Panels for All Your Projects

There are countless other DIY options to consider within faux brick, which is one of the most versatile and popular wall panel formats available today. So, whether you’re looking to upgrade a small accent area, stylize your ceilings, or add panels to an entire room, Ninth & Vine can help you get your project done affordably and quickly.

For more on some of the less conventional uses of wall panels, or to learn about any of our wall panels, wall coverings or other products, contact us today.

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