Unconventional Wall Panel Usage: Study, Headboard, Staircase

Unconventional Wall Panel Usage: Study, Headboard, Staircase

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Interior wall paneling is on the rise in popularity over recent years, both for practical and aesthetic reasons. There are a number of popular uses of wall panels that have become more and more common.

At Ninth & Vine, we’re proud to offer a wide range of wall panel options, from reclaimed wood style to faux brick, to shiplap wall panels, and more. And while we’re happy to assist clients with all the typical uses of wall panels, we’re also here to help with those considering more creative or unique uses. This two-part blog series will go over several less conventional uses for wall panels throughout the home.

Bookcase and Study Themes

One room type where wall paneling has becoming very popular, is in the study or home office space. Such rooms are often complete with a bookcase that’s both practical and aesthetically-defining – adding wall paneling to the inside back of an open bookcase is a wonderful way of accenting it as a standout feature.

Your study might have built in shelving instead of a freestanding bookcase. Try the reclaimed wood style panels on the backs of these shelves to provide an eye-catching backdrop that will give your entire room a rustic or modern farmhouse feel.

Headboard and Bedroom

Wall panels are also popular in the bedroom, but one area that homeowners sometimes don’t consider is to use wall paneling for their DIY headboard project. Instead of a headboard connected to the bed frame itself, consider shiplap or faux brick panels that can extend up and down as far as you like, creating the illusion of a, modern headboard for your bed while also livening up that entire wall area. You can either use complementary colors or contrasting colors to add to the room’s design.

Staircase or Entry Hallway

Our wall paneling is incredibly easy to install, including in a hallway or staircase area that’s looking for improvement. For example, you can add faux brick to your basement stairwell to convey an urban club or industrial style. Or try shiplap panels. The horizontal lines can often make the space feel far larger even if it is a relatively narrow area.

For more on the unique uses of wall panels throughout your home, or to learn about any of our wall panel products or services, contact the staff at Ninth & Vine today.

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