About Us

About Us

Ninth & Vine is a family owned and operated business based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We have been creating commercial decorative products since 1992 and specialize in faux decorative wall products, including slatwall for retail stores, through our sister company Dimensional Impact.  

Our decorative wall panel product was so easy to install that it became an integral part of our own homes. Friends and family loved the look of it so much that they asked how they could get it in their homes as well!  The simplicity that our products offered in home decor to our friends and family combined with our commercial experience inspired us to found Ninth & Vine. 

The name Ninth & Vine takes us back to our roots where it all began, our childhood home, near 900 East and Vine Street in Murray, Utah.  Our products pay homage to our origins by recalling the brick and farmhouse style walls of our past, but are lightweight and easy to install. All of our wall panels are made in the USA and are designed to bring the classic shiplap look to your home with simplicity and ease. Honor your heritage with us and welcome to the neighborhood!

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